Dental Flipper

A dental flipper is type of temporary tooth replacement device that may be worn while you are undergoing a healing process before dental implants.
Temporary Front Tooth After Bone Graft: Is a Flipper My Best Option?

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Answered By: Dr. Aaron Carner - Greenwood , SC

Derek asks:

I am looking at getting an implant for my top front tooth
#8. It will need a bone graft which I heard will take 3-6 month...

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Flipper: Should I Get This Before or After Dental Implant Surgery?

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Answered By: Dr. Edward Kusek - Sioux Falls , SD

Jen asks:

I am having a tooth extraction, bone graft, and finally a dental implant. My problem is with the flipper. I have not had the surge...

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Dental Flipper: How Often Should I Adjust This?

Cary asks:
Part of my front tooth was removed awhile ago. I convinced the dentist at that time to only remove the broken part of the tooth, a...

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Dental Flipper: Are there Alternatives?

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Answered By: Dr. Carlos Boudet - West Palm Beach , FL

Gail asks:
I went to Mexico for dental implants and was fitted for a flipper. However, the flipper it is very uncomfortable. What are the alt...

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