Implant Maintenance

The success of your dental implant procedure is very much dependent on proper maintenance of your dental implants following your treatment.
Proper Way to Clean Dental Implants?

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Answered By: Dr. David Weinstein - New York , NY

Doris asks:

I relocated some ten years after I had my implants placed and had to find a new dentist for cleaning. He cleaned my implants wit...

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Do Dental Implants Last a Lifetime?

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Answered By: Dr. Alan Farber - Medford , NY

Ira asks:
I have been told that implants can last for life time. Then why do people need to remove implants after some years? What contribute...

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Toothpaste After Getting Dental Implants: What Should I Use?

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Answered By: Dr. Aaron Carner - Greenwood , SC

Rodney asks:
Is there a special type of toothpaste I should use after getting dental implants?


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Using an Electric Toothbrush After Dental Implant Surgery?

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Answered By: Dr. David Weinstein - New York , NY

Jill, a dental implant patient, asks:
I had dental implant surgery a few weeks ago. I have read elsewhere that mini-vibrations will interfere...

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Best Toothpaste and Toothbrush for My Dental Implants?

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Answered By: Dr. Carlos Boudet - West Palm Beach , FL

Lorraine asks:

I have a fixed porcelain bridge over dental implants. What is the best toothpaste to use for cleaning my bridge and implants?...

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Waterpik: Can This Be Used with Dental Implants?

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Answered By: Dr. Theodore M. Grossman - Aventura , FL

Margie asks:

Can I use a waterpik on dental implants?


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Too Much Food Is Getting Stuck Between Implants and Gums: What Can I Do?

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Answered By: Dr. Peter Sabolch - Beverly Hills , CA

Paul asks:

I just had two implants installed. I have two posts, but one crown to act for two teeth on the lower left molars. When I eat, foo...

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Food is Getting Stuck in Implant Crown: Is It Normal?

Maggie asks:

I recently have had a dental implant placed for #14 and the first permanent crown was a giant food trap. A new crown was made, ...

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Food Getting Stuck in Implant Overdenture: What's the Solution?

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Answered By: Dr. David R. Edenbaum - Marlton , NJ

Aaron asks:

I had 5 implants inserted into bottom jaw, with a full bottom denture installed (clip on type). There is a lot of food residue o...

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Dental Implant Is Infected: What is Treatment?

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Answered By: Dr. Ken Ross - Lighthouse Point , FL

Christine asks:

About a year and a half ago I had an implant done on my front tooth and never had any problems with it. It doesn't hurt and ...

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Dental Implant is Loose: Should I Worry?

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Answered By: Dr. Ken Ross - Lighthouse Point , FL

Justin says:

I just got back from India and had 2 implants about 3 weeks ago. One of them (#12) has become loose so that it wobbles about 2m...

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Eat Solid Food after Implant Surgery?

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Answered By: Dr. Michael Tischler - Woodstock , NY

Patrick asks:
Can one eat solid food after the dental implant surgery?


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