Though not an absolute contradiction, smoking can have a detrimental effect on the success of your dental implant treatment.
If I Smoke Can I Get Dental Implants?

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Answered By: Dr. Scott Ganz - Fort Lee , NJ

Scott asks:

I am a 29 year old male and smoke . I just had all my upper teeth removed and most of my lower molars due to a genetic disorder...

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Bone Graft and Smoking: How Does This Effect the Healing Process?

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Answered By: Dr. Aaron Carner - Greenwood , SC

Kathy asks:
Six weeks ago I had a bone graft (from my own bone) for a front lower tooth, that was pulled last year, to prepare for an implant...

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If I Smoked Can the Implant Still Take?

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Answered By: Dr. Carlos Boudet - West Palm Beach , FL

Ginger asks:
I recently had an implant put in a tooth that was a problem (tooth #12). It had two root canals and still couldn't be saved. My ...

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I Just Quit Smoking: Will This Help with my Implants?

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Answered By: Dr. Jeffrey Brook - Massapequa , NY

Sam asks:
I've read a bit on the Internet about smoking and dental implants, and even though I've already had my implants a few weeks ago, I ...

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