Can Mini Dental Implants Be Used To Replace a Single Missing Tooth?


Harry asks:
I have been trying to get some information on mini dental implants. I read about mini implants being used only for denture support, but can they be used to replace a single missing tooth?

Answered by: Dr. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer

Amherst, NY

Hi Harry,

Actually, mini implants were initially used to support fixed or cemented restorations like missing teeth. Only recently have implant companies developed systems created to snap dentures to mini implants.

The screw-post style implants are placed as anchors to retrofit broken bridges for a minimally invasive and inexpensive option. This continues to be an important solution when difficult problems arise in dentistry.

Mini implants are more well known by dentists as anchors placed in between conventional or larger diameter implants that need some time to heal before they can be used. These minis are used only for transitional purposes allowing a patient to have a stable bridge during the healing process. Often, these transitional minis were found to have healed well to the bone and were difficult to remove. Further research was done and ultimately FDA approval was granted for long term use of small diameter implants for fixed and removable applications.

Thousands of dentists are using mini implants to replace missing teeth. When minis are placed properly, in the appropriate situations and after discussing alternative treatment options, they can be an excellent option for cemented crowns and bridges.

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