Two Teeth Broken Holding Bridge: Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?


Debbie asks:

I had 6 teeth capped, but it's like one continuous cap or a bridge that is permanent. Two teeth were also pulled at that time. Now, I have been told that 2 of the teeth holding the cap/bridge on have broken inside the caps and one is right at the gumline. Would I be a candidate for implants? Would they be only where the teeth have been broken or for the missing teeth as well?

Answered by: Dr. Ken Ross

Lighthouse Point, FL

Hi Debbie,

You are indeed a good candidate for implants.

Implant therapy is simply based on the amount of bone present. Sometimes bone needs to be added but this can easily & predictably be accomplished. You would have the option of replacing just the broken teeth in another bridge supported by implants instead of teeth or possibly replacing all missing teeth with individual implants. This would depend on bone present and the amount of space between the existing teeth/crowns.

Any qualified periodontist/oral surgeon can help you make that determination. If implants were not originally presented to you as the most predictable option for tooth replacement you may want to seek a second opinion this time around!

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