Dental Implants Permanently Cemented On: How To Manage Problems?


Marilyn asks:

The gum is receding around two of my dental implants and I'm starting to get pain and soreness - I can't even do the waterpick in that area. My concern is what can be done to fix it since I have 6 implants holding a complete bridge that is permanently cemented on (mistake by the dentist - he thought it was using temporary cement). The problem implants are next to each other. The gum area sinks in around those 2 implants. Is there a way to either put bone marrow or graft the gum? My main worry is that since this bridge can't come off can the implants be fixed while everything is still in place?

Answered by: Dr. Michael Tischler

Woodstock, NY

Dear Marilyn,

First of all, I permanently cement my implant bridges on every occasion, so that is not a concern. I believe that permanent cement reduces small movement which could cause problems. If the bridge had to be removed, it still can by drilling a small hole in the top of each crown and removing the bridge through unscrewing the implant posts.

The reality is that a surgical corrective procedure can often be performed to remediate your problem by either cleaning out the area and re-contouring it or even removing an implant surgically and grafting the area. The good news is that there are 6 implants and even if one is removed, there are 5 dental implants left to support the bridge.

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