Does an Implant Feel Like a Normal Tooth?


Mary asks:
A week ago I had the screw and abutment fitted along with a temporary crown. I do not want to get the proper crown fitted until I am sure the whole dental implant is okay. Right now when I tap the abutment, the implant does not feel anything like a normal tooth. How will I or my dentist know that it is proper time for the final crown? Will it feel like a normal tooth?

Answered by: Dr. Edward Kusek

Sioux Falls, SD

Hi Mary,

A Dental implant will always feel different than your normal tooth. However, it should not cause you any discomfort either. The reason the implant will feel different is because the implant does not have a ligament around it as the natural tooth does, this gives you more of "a feel".

As for knowing when the proper time is, some dentists use a device to resonate off the implant that gives a numerical value. This will tell you if your implant is successfully osseointegrated (fused to the bone) or not. There are other techniques, as well, that will help your dentist or surgeon know when the implant has osseointegrated. I suggest speaking to your dentist about his/her preferred method.

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