Can I Get Implants in My Upper Jaw?


Gary asks:

Can dental implants be put in the upper jaw? I have heard not because of penetration of the sinus cavities. Is this true? What are the options? Thanks.

Answered by: Dr. Cheryl Goren Robins

Millburn, NJ

Hi Gary,

Dental implants can be placed in both the upper jaw as well as the lower jaw as long as sufficient bone exists to support them. If sufficient bone is not available, then procedures can be done to recreate the bone that was lost. This is called bone grafting, bone regeneration, or ridge augmentation.

In the upper jaw where there are sinus cavities, a sinus lift or sinus augmentation procedure can be performed to add bone under the air spaces of the sinus cavities. The procedure is safe and predictable if performed by an experienced surgeon. It has been well researched over many years and is a routine procedure in my practice for patients who have lost the bone under their sinuses prior to implant placement.

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upper jaw implants

I had several successful implants in my upper jaw for two years , however I have experienced chronic sinus and bronchitas problems post surgery. Should I have them removed?

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