Snap In Plate vs. Fixed Acrylic-Hybrid Bridge?


Shelly asks:

After having bone grafting and a sinus lift (on upper mouth), I would like to know which would be better, a snap in dental plate or a fixed acrylic-hybrid bridge?

Answered by: Dr. Carlos Boudet

West Palm Beach, FL

Hi Shelly,

Both of the options you mention, Snap In Plate (or Removable Overdenture) and Fixed Acrylic-Hybrid Bridge have advantages and disadvantages. Let me mention some of them.

The snap in plate (which we call a removable overdenture) has the advantage that it can be removed for better access to the implant, attachments and to clean around them.

The disadvantage is that whenever you remove it, you have no teeth in your mouth. You are supposed to remove it for cleaning after meals and to go to sleep.

The acrylic fixed hybrid bridge is attached to your implants with screws.

The advantage with it is that it does not come off except when removed by the dentist so you always have teeth in your mouth. Since it does not come off, you have to learn how to clean around it. But the fixed hybrid bridge costs a bit more.

If price is a concern, the removable overdenture has the advantage of being less expensive.

Both can be made to give you an atractive smile.
In the end it is a personal decision that is guided by the explanations and recommendations of your restoring dentist about what will work best in your particular case.

Good luck, and I hope this helped you in your decision.

Carlos Boudet, DDS, DICOI

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