Proper Way to Clean Dental Implants?


Doris asks:

I relocated some ten years after I had my implants placed and had to find a new dentist for cleaning. He cleaned my implants with a laser, which I had never had done before. Is this normal or safe for implants? What is the best way to clean the dental implants? Are there specific cleaning methods I can do on my own?

Answered by: Dr. David Weinstein

New York, NY

Hi Doris,

In our office we recommend that patients return every three months for routine maintenance visits after we place dental implants. Specialized plastic instruments are utilized to clean the implant/abutment surfaces without scratching the metal.

Dental radiographs are taken every six months to insure that no bone loss has occurred around the implants.

The ideal method of home care around dental implants is brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

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