Should I Get Two or Four Implants to Support My Lower Denture?


Opal asks:

I am considering implants to replace a lower denture, but I'm not sure how many I need. Some have had only two implants that are working fine for them. Others have had 4 implants that also work well. How do I know which would be best for me. I am 91 years old. I have worn a full upper denture and a lower partial with 6 center teeth remaining for many years. I have now had these six teeth extracted and must decide whether to have implants. My dentist is willing to make a complete set of dentures to see if they will stay in. He said he would be able to use these dentures if it is necessary to have implants. There is a large difference in cost between two implants and four implants. Would 2 implants work for me?

Answered by: Dr. Jeffrey Brook

Massapequa, NY

Dear Opal,

There is no bad choice, especially if you have been wearing a lower partial denture for a number of years. Both options will be great.

The two implant option will give you a level of stability to your lower denture that you haven't enjoyed in years; however, there will be a small degree of "rock" in the denture, as the two implants will act as an axis about which the denture can can rotate slightly. The four-implant option will give you stability with virtually no "rock" of the denture.

I have been using the two implant option for more than 20 years. I always tell patients they can have additional implants placed if two aren't sufficient. Not one patient has asked for additional implants.

Lastly, my father-in-law, who is also 91, lost his last few teeth in the spring. I utilized the two implant option for him.

Good luck.
Dr. Brook

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Expert Advice and Comments
Barrie Semp's picture

4 Posts is better then two

Here at The Smile Centre UK our dental surgeon would recommend that four dental posts are fited in place rather than two (wherever possible).

We find that our patients find when the dentures are fitted they are supported much more securely with four posts and there is little or no movement.

drjbdmd's picture

4 vs. 2

Answered By: Dr. Jeffrey Brook - Massapequa , NY

Both services are great!
I've done many more "2" than "4" implant cases.
4 implants will give you much better stability, but I have never had one patient who has had 2 implants return and ask for 2 additional implants in the 24 years I have been placing implants. Thus, it has occured to me that 2 impants are fine for virtually all patients. Good luck with your case.

Dr. Jeffrey Brook

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