Getting Dental Implants: When Can I Eat Regular Food?


Larry asks:
I am going for implant surgery next week. For how long after I get implants will I have to wait before I am able to eat regular food again?

Answered by: Aaron B. Carner, DMD

Greenwood, SC

Hi Larry,

The time needed to allow dental implants to heal before being able to "eat regular food again" can vary with many factors. These factors include: if you have one versus full mouth dental implants placed, if you had any bone grafting or sinus lifts with implant placement, and if you have any remaining teeth versus no teeth at all.

In general, I recommend eating soft foods for the first several weeks and if full mouth dental implants are placed you may need to do this for the first few months.

Again, it would really depend upon location and number of implants placed and if bone grafting was completed. I would recommend discussing this with your surgeon at the time of your procedure next week for specific guidance in your case.

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