Hybrid Denture vs. Regular Denture for Upper Back Teeth?


Olga asks:

I am 60 years old and I just had five upper tooth extractions. I am looking to have a hybrid denture, instead of a regular denture. Is this possible for upper teeth and is the hybrid better than the regular upper denture?

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I am unclear as to the actual

Answered By: Dr. Cheryl Goren Robins - Millburn , NJ

I am unclear as to the actual question that you are asking and so I will define my answers in the hope that they will make sense to you.

I will call a "Regular Denture" a denture that is similar to one that your grandparents may have worn. This type of denture is worn by people who have lost all of their teeth in one jaw (either the upper jaw or the lower jaw). It does not involve the presence of any dental implants and is not very stable over time.

An "Implant Overdenture" is a denture that also replaces teeth in a jaw that no longer has any of its own teeth, however, the "overdenture" is a "regular denture" that has clips or snaps to give it more stability. The clips or snaps connect to implants that have been placed into the patient's jaw bone.

I am assuming that your "Hybrid Denture" is also known as a "Fixed Hybrid Implant Bridge." It is more like having your own teeth because it does not come in and out of your mouth like the "regular denture" or the "overdenture." More implants are usually needed, and the teeth that get placed on top of them are made with a combination of white for the teeth and pink for the missing gum and bone tissue.

If you have enough remaining bone, then a final option is an "Implant Retained Fixed Bridge." This is a bridge that is similar to bridges that are placed on natural teeth, but when the teeth are missing, dental implants are used to hold the bridge. An implant retained fixed bridge can be made for just a few teeth, or for an entire jaw. Hybrid bridges are usually seen when restoring an entire jaw.

As for whether implants can be placed in the upper jaw, the answer is "Yes." As to which option is best, it all depends on a variety of factors such as how much bone to support implants remains, where do the teeth need to be placed, do you show alot of gum tissue when you smile, cost, your medical health, etc. A well trained dentist should be better able to answer these questions for you as they are patient dependent considerations.

Dr. Cheryl Goren Robins
Suburban Periodontics and Implants

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hybrid vs. regular denture

Answered By: Dr. David E. Azar - New York , NY

First off if you are only missing five teeth and still have the rest of your upper teeth then a hybrid denture is probably not for you. In that case you have 2 likely solutions, either IMPLANT SUPPORTED FIXED BRIDGES or a REMOVABLE PARTIAL DENTURE. If, on the other hand, you are now missing ALL of your upper teeth then a HYBRID DENTURE or a "REGULAR" REMOVABLE FULL DENTURE are both options.
"Hybrid dentures" are implant supported prostheses used when ALL the teeth in a jaw are missing. They can be used in either the upper or lower jaw. Hybrid dentures are connected to several implants and cannot be removed by the patient. Regular dentures, either PARTIAL or FULL, can be removed by the patient. Hybrids require several implants to support them, while "regular dentures" just rest on the gums and/or natural teeth. Generally prostheses that cannot be removed, like hybrid dentures, are more comfortable, and most patients prefer them, as they are more like having their own teeth.

David E. Azar, DDS, FICOI, MgIDE
New York, NY

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Replacement for upper missing teeth

Answered By: Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi - Bethesda , MD

If only five teeth are missing, with remainder of dentition intact, a fixed implant supported bridge would be the optimal option for you. Hybrid dentures are designed for patients with complete missing teeth, who want a fixed prosthesis. Overdentures are also designed for complete edentulous patients who would like to have a implant supported removable prosthesis.

Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

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denture or bridge

Have to have the 2nd to last upper left back tooth pulled. Would it be better to get bridge or a denture for one tooth?

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Modern Tooth Replacement - The Dental Implant

Answered By: Dr. Theodore M. Grossman - Aventura , FL

If the teeth on either side of the space are healthy, minimally restored with no significant periodontal issues you could consider an implant. This preserves the enamel integrity of these teeth and allows superior hygiene over a fixed bridge. With an implant you can floss between teeth normally and not be concerned about recurrent decay which can occur under fixed bridgework.

A properly trained Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon can evaluate your situation regarding suitability, bone qualities and sinus position.

Theodore M Grossman DMD
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dental Options - Aventura, Fla.

Dr. Theodore M. Grossman

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