O Rings for Mini IMTEC Implants: Why Do These Need to be Replaced So Often?


Janice asks:

I have had IMTEC implants for three years. The O rings need replacing very often. Sometimes not lasting more than one month. I do not soak my denture in any solution, lightly brush the o-ring site every night after removing the denture when I go to bed. The o-rings are black rubber-type rings. Do they have another type o-ring that will hold up longer? Why would this constant replacement of o rings be happenening? Thanks.

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O-ring replacement

Answered By: Dr. Carlos Boudet - West Palm Beach , FL

Dear Janice:
The o-rings that help you hold the denture in place should not wear so quickly that you have to replace them in such a short period of time.
There are several things that cause premature wear of the o-rings.
Soaking the denture in a solution that deteriorates the o-ring material is one.
The most common cause is if the o-ring abutments (the little balls at the top of the implants) are not very parallel to each other and they cause excessive wear to the attachment components as you put the denture on and take it off.
If the denture is not adequately adapted to the soft tissues and needs a reline, that can also cause excessive wear.
Trying to seat the denture when it is not correctly aligned with the abutments can cause more wear and tear on the o-rings.
I have used o-ring abutments for many years and they can last a year and longer.
Be aware that there are other attachments choices available to help you hold the denture, such as ERAs and Locators. Locators are very popular and long lasting.
You may want to ask your dentist about the possibility of changing attachments.
Good luck!

Carlos A. Boudet, DDS, DICOI

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