Do I Need a Sinus Lift for Dental Implants?


I am scheduled to receive 2 dental implants in my maxillary right molar region in #2 and #3 areas. My surgeon has informed me that I will need a sinus lift to create adequate bone volume for the implants. Do I need to get a sinus lift? Are there any alternatives to a sinus lift? And what is the success rate of sinus lifts?

Answered by: Dr. Michael Tischler

Woodstock, NY

In order to successfully place implants, you need sufficient bone. In certain situations, dentists need to perform specific procedures, in order to create adequate bone volume. A Sinus Lift is one such procedure.

A well done Sinus Lift, is in general, a very simple procedure especially if done with the Summers technique. The bone created is generally more dense than maxillary bone, thus resulting in better long-term results for dental implants.

Please note that, although the sinus lift technique is pretty predictable nowadays, it still generates about a 15-30% failure rate.

In terms of alternatives, there are some implants companies that offer shorter dental implants, which they claim obviate the need for sinus lifts in certain instances. The research on shorter dental implants is ongoing, and I recommend you ask your surgeon about the option for shorter dental implants and if they are right for you.

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gold abutment

My daughter went through two set of braces because after the first (wore them for a total of 7 years) there wasn't enough room for implants on number 7 and 11. Her dentist and I have discussed throughout the years about what he would be doing. Today she just got her new implant crowns put in and he told me he had to use gold abutments because they are small teeth and will be stronger. We always talked about ceramic teeth because they are the most natural looking. I can see the darkness in her gums and I am not happy. What would you do?

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sinus lift for dental implants

Answered By: Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi - Bethesda , MD

If there is inadequate height of bone in the back of the upper jaw, then a sinus lift procedure is indicated. This allows the surgeon to place ideal length of implants that are important for long term stability and success. Alternative is to place short implants, but in this area of the mouth, they have high rates of failure. This is because of high forces of chewing in the back as well as less dense bone make up of the back upper jaw.

Sinus lift procedure is highly successful and predictable when performed properly by an experienced oral surgeon.

All the best
Dr. Kazemi

Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

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