Gum Tissue Growth Around Implant Healing Cap?


Kevin asks:
What prompts gum tissue to grow up on the sides of a dental implant healing cap? I had a flapless implant surgery on #19 with a surgical guide 4 months after extraction. I have had no gum or bone grafting and no diagnosis of periodontal disease. Is this new tissue growth up the sides of the healing cap or just the way surgically-impacted tissues heal? It certainly looks like more tissue than I've ever had there and with no cutting in the surgery, I was surprised to see my gums so high up the cap. Is this normal?

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Gum Tissue Growth Around Implant Healing Cap?

Answered By: Dr. Michael Tischler - Woodstock , NY


When tissue grows above or around a healing cap, it is usually because the height of the healing cap placed is not tall enough. This could be from the implant being placed lower than the initial original height of bone at surgery.

When this occurs it usually doesn't have negative effect on the implant success. The role of a healing cap is to guide the tissue and form its shape. The healing cap can easily be changed to a taller one.

Dr. Michael Tischler

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Gum Tissue Growth About a healing Abutment

Answered By: Dr. Jeffrey Brook - Massapequa , NY

I agree with Dr. Tischler's assessment. The only other point I might consider would be to have your implant surgeon evaluate the overgrown tissue to be sure that it is healthy gum responding as Dr. Tischler stated rather than an tissue enlargement caused by a problem related to the implant.
Good luck with your implant.
Dr. Jeffrey Brook

Dr. Jeffrey Brook

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Tissue covering healing cap

Answered By: Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi - Bethesda , MD

The gum tissue may be thicker in some sites. If the healing cap is covered by tissue, then simply placing a taller cap will be adequate. Inflammation can also cause tissue enlargement, so your surgeon should evaluate and rule it out.

Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

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