Ceramic Dental Implants: Is it Different To Place These?


Ronald asks:

I need a dental implant and would prefer ceramic. Because ceramic implants are fairly new, most periodontists don't seem to do them. My understanding is that placing a ceramic implant isn't just like placing a titanium one, as there are differences the dentist needs to be aware of. Can someone with experience placing ceramic implants address this? Are there differences in placing these?

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First question is there a

Answered By: Dr. Edward Kusek - Sioux Falls , SD

First question is there a reason you want a ceramic implant (metal allergies?). The cost to place a ceramic implant is significantly more than a titanium implant. Special blades, drills and the implant itself. All increase the fee for this procedure.

To do the ceramic implant, as compared to the titanium implant, does not require more knowledge for the placement and restoration. But if you only have one patient that needs it, it is not cost effective for the clinician to offer ceramic implants. The implant is actually made of Zirconium dioxide, and studies have shown that the implant integrates as successfully as the titanium implants.

Good luck
Dr Edward R Kusek

Dr. Edward Kusek

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Thanks. My understanding is

Thanks. My understanding is that there are three reasons to go with ceramic:

- One-piece implants are available, eliminating the joint between root and abutment, which can be a source of infection.

- Because the implant is nonmetallic, it doesn't produce a galvanic effect (i.e., microcurrents in the mouth).

- If the implant is needed in front (as mine is), a titanium implant, which is gray, can sometimes be seen through the gum. Ceramic, which is white, typically can't.

I only need one, so the incremental cost is not the issue. But from what I've seen online, it's not just a question of cost effectiveness for the dentist. For example, in a posting on Osseo News, a dentist says, "the osseintegration process [for ceramic] is different to Titanium, which has an effect on teh clinical procedure."

I'd be interested to know how extensive these differences are from someone who has done both types.


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