Effect of a Dental Implant on Adjacent Teeth?


Mike asks:
What effect does a dental implant have on adjacent natural teeth? Can an implant cause problems to an adjacent tooth at a later date?

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Effect of a Dental Implant on Adjacent Teeth?

Answered By: Dr. Carlos Boudet - West Palm Beach , FL

Dear Mike:
When an implant is properly placed, the only effect it can cause on the adjacent natural teeth is a positive one.
After an extraction, the only thing that is able to maintain the bone as close to the original level as possible is placing an implant where the root of the tooth was.
When a tooth is removed, the gums that fill the spaces between the teeth (called papilla)start to disappear and flatten, but when you place an implant supported crown, it helps to support the gums and prevents flattening of the papilla.
Of course, if the implant is not placed correctly, it can cause problems to the adjacent teeth, but when properly placed, it can only be beneficial.
Good luck.

Carlos A. Boudet, DDS, DICOI

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Effect of implant on adjacent tooth

Answered By: Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi - Bethesda , MD

An implant does not adversely effect the adjacent teeth in any way. In fact if preserves bone and gum tissue that can compliment the natural tooth in keeping tissues healthy. It is however important to position the implant properly and at least 1.5 mm away from the adjacent roots.

Dr. Kazemi

Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

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