What Does it Mean that Cost for Dental Implants is Per Arch?


Donna asks:
My dentist says my cost for dental implants is "per arch". What does he mean? I need implants on both the top and bottom of my mouth. Thanks.

Answered by: Dr. Scott Ganz

Fort Lee, NJ

Hi Donna,

When patients require a full arch reconstruction as you have described – needing all of the teeth replaced in the upper or lower jaws, it is not uncommon to quote a fee for the whole case, or a "per arch" fee. This means that the cost will cover whatever methods the dentist will use to restore that arch.

This avoids trying to figure out or document each and every charge for each and every visit. The dentist should however give you a written description of what is included in the "per arch" fee, such as "five to six implants in the upper jaw, with bone grafting as required to support a fixed-type restoration which will have teeth and acrylic or pink porcelain to replace the missing teeth."

I hope that this helps. Please discuss this further with your dentist, and do not be afraid to ask questions!

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