Synthetic Bone Graft Didn't Take: Should I Get Bio-Oss?


Sam asks:

My 2 front top teeth were damaged when I was 13. Last October, at age 50, those teeth were extracted and Bioplant bone graft (synthetic graft) was put in, in anticipation of replacing those teeth with dental implants. The graft has never bonded to my bone, and the specialist now wants to replace the graft with something called Bio-Oss. I believe Bio-Oss is a natural bone graft? I'm wondering if I should go ahead with Bio-Oss or maybe it would be less traumatic for me at this point to simply get a bridge? If so, should I leave in the graft in that didn't "take"? This processs is turning out to be more complicated and expensive that I expected. thank you for any advice.

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Synthetic Bone Graft Didn't Take: Should I Get Bio-Oss?

Answered By: Dr. Michael Tischler - Woodstock , NY


This is a difficult question to answer without seeing a CT scan of the available bone. In my practice I use human donor bone DFDBA because it offers osteoinductive properties. It basically helps bone grow. I also primarily use the DFDBA putties because of various benefits. The Cow bone like Bio Oss do not offer any osteoinductive benefits.
If there could be adequate bone then dental implants offer many advantages over a bridge.
Hope that helps.

Michael Tischler, DDS

Dr. Michael Tischler

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synthetic bone graft options

Answered By: Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi - Bethesda , MD


The type of bone graft should be based on the type of defect and the objectives of the grafting to develop the implant site. One may use Bio-oss or other types of particulate bone graft as well as actual bone (autogenous) if necessary.

Dr. Kazemi

Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

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Synthetic Bone Graft Didn't Take: Should I Get Bio-Oss?

Answered By: Dr. Jeffrey Brook - Massapequa , NY

I personally don't use synthetic bone any longer, but I have used Bio-Oss with much success. Bio-Oss is bovine bone (cow) and is appropriate for use in your front teeth area.
I would attempt to regarft the area as two implants would be a far better solution than a traditional fixed dental prosthesis which would involve removing enamel from adjacent teeth that are not part of this problem.
Good luck.
Jeffrey R. Brook, DMD

Dr. Jeffrey Brook

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