Can I Reuse My Existing Bridge After I Get Dental Implants?


Eddie asks:
I have a bridge that spans teeth #3 - 10. The supporting teeth are #3,4 & 9,10. I have had the bridge for 27yrs. The supporting teeth are all loose and are going to be removed. I am going to have a socket bone graft in each one, and then get dental implants. My situation is that after all that I will not be able to afford a new bridge and I desperately want a permanent fixture. Maybe this is a farfetched idea, but my question is: Is it possible that I could re-install my existing bridge over the implants instead of getting a new one and how long could it last? Or would a lab maybe be able to do modify my existing bridge? What other options do I have to save some money on the bridge? Thanks.

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Can I Reuse My Existing Bridge After I Get Dental Implants?

Answered By: Dr. Carlos Boudet - West Palm Beach , FL

Dear Eddie:
That is a very good question, but a bad idea, and I can tell you that as a rule, what you want is almost never done.
When you have a bridge made, you first prepare the teeth, and then take an impression and a bite record that allows the lab to create the bridge to fit those prepared teeth.
When your implants are going to be restored the dentist will either fabricate a new bridge or place a temporary bridge made of acrylic that is easier to adjust. Your old bridge would be so hard to adjust that it would be a nightmare for the dentist that tries.
One fraction of a millimeter is enough for the bridge not to fit properly and for you not to be able to bite comfortably.
Good luck!

Carlos A. Boudet, DDS, DICOI

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reusing existing bridge

Answered By: Dr. Michael Johnson - Bellevue , WA

I agree that reusing an existing bridge is not a good idea. If finances are a concern there is no way you should be having bone grafting and implant surgery done. This too is expensive and of no value if you don't follow through with a new fixed bridge. A removable partial denture is a better idea. Talk with your prosthodontist and see if there is a less expensive solution involving implants. Unfortunately, anything less expensive will, by necessity, be removable but with some implant retention, perhaps the palate can be uncovered making the removable prosthesis more comfortable.

Michael W. Johnson DDS, MS

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