Cost of O-Rings on Dental Implants?


Linda asks:
My dentist has, in the past, charged me $90 to replace 3 o-rings on my implants, and now I'm told that will go up to $310 each time this is needed. Are there any alternatives to this costly procedure? What is considered a fair price for replacing o-rings?

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O Rings

Answered By: Dr. Theodore M. Grossman - Aventura , FL

Hi Linda
The O-rings are contained in a metal housing.
You can find them online or at many dental labs and replace them yourself. Make sure to purchase the proper o-ring and seat it completely in the housing.

Good luck

Dr. Theodore M. Grossman

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REplacing O-rings

Answered By: Dr. Michael Johnson - Bellevue , WA

The first fee is a reasonable fee to replace the o-rings. Did your dentist explain why the fee has gone up? Talk with your restoring dentist. If you cannot get a satisfactory answer, get another opinion from a prosthodontist (specialist in dentures and implants) since simple O-ring replacement in the hands of someone who is familiar with them is an easy task. I would not try to order or replace them yourself since there are several different sizes of o-rings depending on the implant system and the ball abutment size. They are also quite small and challenging to position correctly inside the denture.

Michael W. Johnson DDS, MS

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