Hip Bone for Dental Bone Graft: How Does This Compare to other Bone Grafts?


Racquel asks:

I am having a bone graft in the front part of my mouth where the bone is almost gone. My surgeon is taking bone from my hip to do this graft. Is this a common area to get bone from? How does this compare to other bone graft options? Does it take longer for the bone graft to take if I use my hip bone as opposed to other options?

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Hip Bone for Dental Bone Graft compared to other sources.

Answered By: Dr. Carlos Boudet - West Palm Beach , FL

Dear Racquel:
Your own bone is considered the "gold standard" or the one that is more likely to give you the best results if you need a block graft (a large piece of bone).
There are other sources, such as the mandibular ramus (bone from the angle in the back of the lower jaw)which keeps all surgery to the mouth.
Some surgeons go to the hip for a source of osteoprogenitor cells which is said to improve the results if your own bone is not used. That procedure is simpler and done with a large needle.
A block graft from the hip may require hospitalization as opposed to one from the mouth.
Ask your surgeon about which options suit best your particular needs.
Good luck!

Carlos A. Boudet, DDS, DICOI

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