Why Should I Choose an Implant Over a Bridge?


Aaron asks:
I am faced with deciding if I want an implant or a bridge replacement (for the third time). I am scared of surgery, but my dentist tells me that implants are become standard and the procedure is not complicated. Yet I am hesitant to accept that statement. Can you please just give me a few reasons, not financial, why I should go with an implant over a bridge?

Answered by: Dr. Michael Tischler

Woodstock, NY

Dear Aaron,

The literature proves over and over again that a dental implant has greater long term success than a bridge.

Here's Why:

1. There is less stress on the adjacent teeth when an implant is used to replace a missing tooth.

2. A single dental implant can be flossed easier than a bridge and maintained.

3. When a bridge is performed, adjacent teeth are involved increasing the risk of a root canal being needed.

4. The last reason an implant is better than a bridge is that the implant actually stimulates the bone where the tooth is missing whereas a bridge doesn't do that. There is the risk of bone being lost under a bridge due to this lack of stimulation.

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dental implants

this question is in response to Dr. Michael Tischler's response to Aron's question suppose a person needs a full set of implants and there are no other teeth envolved? How would it be benefical and why is it so costly most working people cannot afford 10,000 dollars / Is there a dental clinic that work with the working class. this seems to me to be very costly and only for the wealthy. what kind of help can you give us. thank you, Platnium

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