How Should I Choose a Dentist for Dental Implants?


How Should I Choose a Dentist when Considering Dental Implant Treatment?

Modern dental implants have been around for more than 40 years, and have become one of the safest and most predicable replacements for missing teeth, and maintenance of bone. Nevertheless, dental implants is a serious surgical and restorative procedure and it is important that you choose your provider carefully.

At we pre-screen all our implants experts to ensure adequate training and experience.

Nevertheless, below are some tips to help you choose your dentist wisely.

Implant Dentistry is a Multi-Disciplinary Treatment
It is important to realize that there is NO specialty in dentistry for dental implants. This is because replacing missing teeth with dental implants is a complex and multi-disciplinary treatment modality. There is a surgical phase and a restorative phase to treatment.

The process can take place with a team of dentists, one as the surgical doctor and one as the restorative doctor. Another possibility, however, is for both the surgical and restorative aspects of the case to be performed by one dentist. In either situation all the doctors involved must have a firm grasp on the fundamental principles of treatment planning for implant dentistry.

Verify Experience and Training
Don't be shy! Be sure to ask for your doctor's experience, philosophy, and education in implant dentistry.

A weekend course and certificate in implant dentistry is NOT sufficient to provide dental implant care safely and predictably! Your dentist should have specific training in dental implants and be able to demonstrate attendance in continuing education courses which are academic-based.

Some dentists may have received implant training while pursuing a specialty degree, i.e. Prosthodontics, Periodontology, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, at an accredited Dental University program. While others may have attended post-graduate full-year accredited education programs in implant dentistry.

You can gather the above information by simply asking for it from the dentist. At we pre-screen all our implants experts to ensure adequate training and experience.

Ensure Other Credentials

Before going to any dentist, you should verify that the provider has a:

1. Current dental license in good standing

2. Malpractice insurance policy showing adequate coverage

3. Advanced Training in Implant Dentistry either as part of an ADA-accredited Specialty Program or an Accredited Advanced General Dentist Program

4. Experience in the discipline of Implant Dentistry

Get Feedback from Other Patients
Whenever we purchase any important product or service, we always ask for referrals. Implant dentistry should be no different! Ask the practitioner to speak with other patients before deciding to proceed. By speaking to other patients you will learn whether the practitioner has the skills to care for you in a compassionate and quality manner.

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