Mini Implants Don't Fit Well: What Can I Do?


I had mini-implants (4) on my bottom gum and bottom dentures made to fit them. The dentures never fit correctly so the DDS in AZ where I then lived, ground them down (dentures) and told me to use denture adhesive which didn't work either...I'm now living in NJ and the implants have actually dug holes into my inside bottom lip to the point where I can't eat or speak without tremendous pain. What can I do?

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Answered By: Dr. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer - Amherst , NY

I'm sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with your mini implants. usually this procedure is quite successful. Like other technically challenging dental procedures, mini implants take an experienced practitioner to solve problems. Without more information it is difficult to recommend a specific strategy but it's possible that a new lower denture attached properly may solve your problem. Try going to and call the referral service. they will be able to hook you up with an experienced mini implant dentist in your area to solve your problem. Their phone number is 888-258-6085.

good luck

Benjamin D. Oppenheimer, DDS

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