Mini Implants vs regular implants for lower dentures?

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I need lower dentures and want to know if mini implants is a good way to go, or should I get regular implants? I am 80 tears old. What are the pros and cons of each treatment choice? Thanks.
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asked Feb 14, 2012 by anonymous
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2 Answers about Mini Implants vs regular implants for lower dentures?

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Mini implants when done properly (minimum of four) are a good choicewhen you have deficient bone, want a lower cost, a quick solution (start to finish in one day) and no surgery.
regular implants are also a good choice (minimum of two) are more costly and require surgery.  There are more options possible with regular implants.
If you have lower dentures and just want to get implants to make them feel more secure, you may be able to take care of it with minis.
Good luck!
Dr. Carlos Boudet
West Palm Beach , FL
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answered Feb 14, 2012 by Carlos Boudet DDS, DICOI - West Palm Beach, FL
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Several factors need to be taken into consideration to determine what is your best option. First and foremost, your health status needs to be addressed. Next, the amount of bone and density needs to be evaluated with a cone beam CT machine. Pre-operative cone beam CT evaluation is best way to determine how much bone you have and the density. This is extremely important. It also allows 3D evaluation so that the doctor can look at how your jaw is shaped. Knowing how your jaw is shaped helps prevent common complications associated with implant placement.  Given your health status is acceptable and you have adequate bone volume, standard diameter implants to support your prosthesis will have less potential for future problems and provide excellent stability. It is a common misconception that mini-implants don't require surgery to place. It is true that mini-implants and standard diameter implants can be placed without a surgical flap (Flapless). Both techniques whether a mini-implant or standard diameter, should be guided by a CBCT to avoid potential pitfalls associated with flapless surgery.

Ken Templeton DDS
Tulsa, OK

answered Mar 13, 2012 by Ken Templeton DDS - Tulsa, OK

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