Symptoms of a Failed Sinus Lift Bone Augmentation

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I had a sinus lift on Jan 6 with augmentation. I have been very congested since thins and using a salt rinse. How would I be able to know if the sinus lift failed? What are the symptoms to look for? Would an infection show up on a CT?
Location: Bc. Canada
asked Feb 20, 2012 by anonymous
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1 Answer about Symptoms of a Failed Sinus Lift Bone Augmentation

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This is a question for the surgeon that performed the sinus lift.  PLEASE make an appointment IMMEDIATELY to see your surgeon, the ongoing congestion may be a matter for serious concern..  If for any reason you are not satisfied or unsure about his/her evaluation seek a second opinion from a qualified dental surgeon or ENT doctor.

You should be receiving ongoing observations during the healing period.  I generally see my patients to monitor healing at 2, 4, 8 and 16 weeks, more frequently if necessary.  If there are any signs or symptoms they are dealt with accordingly. 


Dr David Azar

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answered Feb 27, 2012 by David E. Azar DDS - New York, NY
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