All On 4 Procedure: Affordable Cost?

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I was wondering if you have a dental training office where you possibly do the all - on - 4 procedure for a lower cost? I had a consultation 3 years ago for an estimate of $44,000. I have been struggling to find any way possible to come up with funds and proceed, but its still so far out of my reach. I have had several missing teeth for years and am extremely embarrassed (as I'm sure my four kids are of me as well) and self - conscious about my appearance. I currently have partials that are broken and not the most attractive. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated?
Location: Round Lake, Illinois
asked Mar 3, 2012 by anonymous
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Hello, we are the largest provider for all on 4 dental implants with teeth in a day procedure. We have a state of the art dental implant center in the gold coast area in downtown Chicago. Our fees are very competitative then anyone in the area. We use Nobel biocar dental implants and our doctors have been trained under Dr. Paul Malo who invented the all on 4 concept. For a full mouth both jaws our fees are $35,000 that includes workup, extraction, temporary teeth and final teeth! Call us at 312-951-8338. Call us today we can help you!
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If you are talking about Upper & Lower 44,000 is about right.  One arch should be about half that much, give or take.  You do have other alternatives.  If you are considering All-on-4 it must mean that you will be extracting any remaining natural teeth.  Therefore your options are a conventional full denture OR a full denture held in with as few as 2 implants with implant supported "snap on" overdenture abutments. What's nice about this is that you can "phase in" additional implants as you can afford them and later convert your existing denture to an All-on-4 supported fixed restorations. Either of these options should be significantly more affordable.   

As an alternative you might consider seeking care at a University based clinic where they have post-graduate dentists in specialty training where you might be able to get fixed implant treatment for less.  According to Google Maps you are about 1 hour from chicago,,,Univ of Ill. has a dental school there.

Hope that helps

Dr. David Azar, New York, NY
David E. Azar DDS
New York, NY

(212) 406-3500
answered Mar 4, 2012 by David E. Azar DDS - New York, NY
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Our office performs several of the the All-On-Four procedures every week. We are a full service office with all the dental disciplines in one office. I.V. sedation and general anesthesia is available and a full service lab is on premises to prduce your prosthesis. We are affordably priced, providing you with significant savings. We will be happy to answer your questions. Use our toll free number .

Theodore M/ Grossman D.M.D.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


5700 Lake Worth Rd., suite 301, GreenAcres, Florida  33463

answered Mar 4, 2012 by Theodore M. Grossman DMD - Green Acres, Fla.
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Visit for more information on this subject.
Michael E. Corsello DMD
Pittsburgh, PA

answered Mar 4, 2012 by Michael E. Corsello DMD - Pittsburgh, PA
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asked Oct 17, 2012 by anonymous
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