Concerned about Proper Timing of Implant Surgery after Extraction

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On my upper left, #14 was cracked and extracted at age 22, eventually replaced with a bridge attached to #15 in the back, #13 in front. I kept the bridge for 30 years until June 14th when #13 had to be extracted. I want to have 2 implants placed to replace #14 and #13, but am getting conflicting information as to the proper timing for implant surgery.

My dentist has taken 360 degree xrays and impressions and is developing a treatment plan. He is telling me I must wait 3 months at least for implant surgery, but the oral surgeon I've had a consultation with, xrays, imprints, etc is saying 6 weeks. I want this done correctly, but am nervous that if I wait too long, my teeth will start shifting around. Advice?
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asked Jun 23, 2012 by anonymous
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2 Answers about Concerned about Proper Timing of Implant Surgery after Extraction

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At the end of six weeks, the extraction site will have had a chance for healing and covering with soft tissue and thesocket willbegin vascularization for bone growth.  This is a good time to place an implant, the biologis processes in the bone are very active , the implant can heal covered fully by the gums and the bone has not had a chance to resorb much.

By waiting 3 or more months, all you are doing is allowing some more bone resorption to occur and you need to minimize bone resorption when doing an extraction to place an implant.

The amount of shifting of the teeth in 3 to 4 months is not a problem unless you wear a removable appliance.

Good luck!
Dr. Carlos Boudet
West Palm Beach , FL
(561) 968 6022

answered Jun 28, 2012 by Carlos Boudet DDS, DICOI - West Palm Beach, FL
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A cone beam CT scan will help determine the appropriate timing. It has everything to do with bone quantity and quality (density) in the areas being evaluated for implants.  A CBCT allows 3D evaluation of proposed site and helps determine the density of the bone.
Ken Templeton DDS
Tulsa, OK

answered Aug 7, 2012 by Ken Templeton DDS - Tulsa, OK

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