Lower Implants with Locators Move Around: What Can I Do?

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I have 4 lower dental implants using locators and a denture with a bar. I have had the locators changed three times and after one day have lost all retention.  My dentist said I should have used the ball attachment and I should change to them.  What do you think? Can I change? Would it help?
Location: Vancouver BC
asked Jul 6, 2012 by anonymous
edited Jul 11, 2012 by choosedental
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1 Answer about Lower Implants with Locators Move Around: What Can I Do?

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You need to determine what is causing the locators to loose retention so quickly or the same thing may happen if you change the attachments to a ball.

The locator when properly designed is retentive for a long time.

Have your dentist look at the attachments and your mouth to determine the reason for the extreme loss of retention.

Once that is determined, then you can plan what steps you need to follow to correct the problem.

Good luck!
Dr. Carlos Boudet
West Palm Beach , FL
(561) 968 6022

answered Jul 13, 2012 by Carlos Boudet DDS, DICOI - West Palm Beach, FL

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