Implants for Upper or Lower Denture: Which is More Important?

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I have full dentures (dentures on my upper and lower teeth), but  and can only afford to get dental implants for one of them.  Should I get the implants to support my upper or lower denture? Which is more important and more successful?
Location: Boston, MA
asked Feb 1, 2012 by anonymous
edited Feb 1, 2012 by ChooseDentalImplants
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2 Answers about Implants for Upper or Lower Denture: Which is More Important?

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The lower denture is most frequently a retention problem with only the ridge to support a prosthesis. The majority of maxillary dentures have retention, but some patients have sensitive gag reflexes. Mandibular implants have a slightly higher success rate, If you have successfully tolerated your maxillary prosthesis I would recommend completing the mandibular implants first.
answered Feb 2, 2012 by Theodore M. Grossman DMD - Green Acres, Fla.
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Both upper and lower jaws are equally successful providing we have proper implant sizes and spread and precise prosthetics work. Most people have difficulty keeping the lower dentures in place due to tongue. So going with the lower implants first is a good idea.
Dr. H Ryan Kazemi
Bethesda , MD
answered Feb 2, 2012 by H. Ryan Kazemi DMD - Bethesda , MD
edited Feb 2, 2012 by ChooseDentalImplants

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