Implant bridge for 3 missing teeth: What's the best way to do this?

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I had 3 missing upper front teeth and decided to go w/ retained bridge implant rather than individual tooth implants, in order to save money.  Had bone graft done by allograft on the spot for implant.  3 months later I came for implant placement and was told after surgery  that the bone wasn't dense enough to place the implant so the dentist decided to put 2 implants closer instead of apart like the initial plan.  I'm not comfortable to go with this plan because I'm concerned that the bridge will break for not having 2 posts supporting the tooth in the middle like it supposed to, instead it seems like one side of the tooth will hanging by itself.  What do you think I should do?  Please let me know ?  Thank You!
Location: Wilmington, Ohio
asked Oct 30, 2012 by anonymous
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2 Answers about Implant bridge for 3 missing teeth: What's the best way to do this?

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2 implants usually can support 3 front teeth very well, it is more common to do this than 3 individual implants.  Doing it as a "cantilever" is usually not a problem in the front as long as you don't have an excessive bite.  

Hope this helps

Dr David E Azar
David E. Azar DDS
New York, NY

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answered Oct 31, 2012 by David E. Azar DDS - New York, NY
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I am concerned about adjacent implants in the upper front region (smile zone). Depending on which three teeth are missing, It is best to stagger the implants with spaces in between to allow a more ideal aesthetic result.  One implant per tooth is generally not recommended unless the missing teeth are the two front central incisiors.

Dr. Kazemi
Dr. H Ryan Kazemi
Bethesda , MD
answered Nov 3, 2012 by H. Ryan Kazemi DMD - Bethesda , MD
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